Corporate Social Responsibilities 

Gemdale USA Launches its Initial Internship Program with Non-Profit Organization, First Workings

New York City, NY (August 26, 2017)
Gemdale USA Corporation has been actively immersed in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives at the real estate project level in numerous of its developments, as well as at a corporate level and has employed philanthropic activities within various aspects of its business.

As one such example, Gemdale USA was pleased to partner with First Workings, a non-profit educational organization, in participating in the first of its hoped for many internships for underserved and underrepresented students in the First Workings program.

The program’s mission is to provide students their first experience in a working environment, as a building block in the foundations necessary in helping them fulfill their aims and ambitions.

The Gemdale USA New York City office welcomed its first high-school student intern in August 2017. While the intern had little exposure to the real estate industry prior to joining Gemdale USA, Gemdale offered the intern the opportunity to work in a rotation program throughout different functions at the fully-integrated real estate enterprise, including rotations through its New York City office’s acquisitions, investment, development, public relations, and administration areas.

“We were delighted to have our initial First Workings intern as part of our Gemdale USA New York City Family this summer”, shared Mr. Jason Zhu, Chairman of Gemdale USA, noting further that “the mission of First Workings cannot be more important today in providing opportunities to the less-privileged to enter the initial rungs of the professional workforce and add credibility to their college and future job endeavors.”

In addition to office work, various Gemdale USA teams also took the First Workings intern to Gemdale’s job sites in Manhattan and as well as created special “Lunch & Learn” sessions to give the intern a more immersive experience in the real estate industry.

“Although this was a short-term internship program, we truly formed bonds with our intern, who could hopefully learn something valuable from our collective team in building additional foundations for a successful career,” Mr. Michael Krupa, President of Gemdale USA shared.

About Gemdale USA Corporation

Gemdale USA Corporation ("Gemdale USA") is a real estate investment and development company headquartered in Pasadena, California, with additional offices in New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, and Dallas. The company develops commercial, multifamily rental and for-sale residential projects, with multifamily rental and office either stand alone or mixed-use with retail. For-sale residential developments may include condominiums, single-family attached homes as well as detached housing.

Gemdale USA Corporation is the United States subsidiary of Gemdale Corporation, one of China’s largest and leading real estate developers, founded in 1988 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (600383.SH) in 2001. Gemdale Corporation is renowned for being a large-scale national property developer in China with highly regarded projects throughout the country. While Gemdale’s roots are in the residential condominium sector, with over 74,000 residential condominium units built and sold in 31 major cities in China in 2016 alone, Gemdale has also embarked in recent years on commercial/mixed-use developments as well as real estate private equity funds management. Gemdale has received numerous real estate industry awards over the years, including “Top 10 China Listed Real Estate Companies in terms of Comprehensive Strength,” “Blue Chip Property Developers in China,” and the “Most Valuable Listed Real Estate Enterprise in China,” amongst other honors.

Gemdale USA Team Participates in the Design for Disability Fashion Charity

Gemdale USA Team Participates in the Design for Disability Fashion Charity

May 9th, 2018 (New York City)

The Gemdale USA team partnered with Madison Equities and Pizzarotti was pleased to sponsor the Cerebral Palsy Foundation’s third annual Design for Disability Fashion Show and Gala on May 9th at Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. The event showcased breakthrough innovations in fashion for people with disabilities, featuring student-designed looks that are both fashion-forward and accessible.

The evening started with a Virtual Reality experience that gave guests a firsthand look at the challenges of a life lived as a non-verbal individual in a wheelchair. It aims to overcome common misperceptions associated with their experiences.

Gemdale USA, Madison Equities and Pizzarotti planned two new subway elevators to the Broad Street J/Z station, that will be publicly accessible, and are in large part the developer’s response to the lack of ADA accessibility on the city’s subway system.

Gemdale USA Participates in SupChina Women's Empowerment Conference

Gemdale USA Participates in SupChina Women's Empowerment Conference

May 14th, 2018 (New York City)

Gemdale USA is proud to embrace a culture of women’s empowerment. On Monday, May 14th at the Harvard Club of New York, Gemdale USA participants joined the second annual SupChina Women's Empowerment Conference.

The conference invited C-suite executives and some of Forbes Top 100 Most Influential Businesswomen to discuss how women are impacting China's tech, business, financial, and consumer trends. Guest speakers included the CEO of Morgan Stanley, China/Asia; the CEO of Sun Media, aka the "Oprah Winfrey of China"; the CEO of one of the largest PR firms globally; and the CEO of Yang Productions, known as one of the “50 Most Powerful Women in Hollywood.”

It was an extraordinary opportunity for professional women to gain unrivaled access to industry-leading women, find out about the latest political, cultural, and social developments in the country, and explore how Fortune 500 firms, top Chinese firms, and startups view their future career and business growth.